• Sketch of a horse's leg with a red ribbon tied around the fetlock.

    1) With bailing twine, measure around the horse’s fetlock joint

  • A red string is measured with a ruler in centimeters and inches.

    2) Measure the twine against a ruler for sizing

  • Third, size measurement chart in inches.

    3) Use the sizing chart to determine proper size

Apply, Concept ,How to wrap, etc

Ice Boots

How to Wrap

Bell Boot

Strike Test

Performance Boot and Bell Boot Application

In The Mud Test

Importance Of Icing Legs And Tendons

New design being used with vet wraps.

  1. Apply foam boot to the horse’s lower leg.
  2. Apply the wrap as you would a polo wrap. Starting in the middle of the cannon bone, securely apply the wrap around the boot, wrapping down to the fetlock joint with a 45 degree layer that cups the ankle and wrapping back up the leg to secure the boot with additional support. Fasten wrap with hook and loop strip.