Bell Boots

Bell Boot

FlowBoot’s bell is molded designed to fit snug. The boot is thickest in the heel where protection is needed and the thinest on the sides to prevent interference which is why standard boots turn. No treading or tripping on these. They do not flop, or move up and down. They are a perfect fit, curved heel with exact anatomy. Should your horse overreach and tear the boot will will replace it within reason. We have been working on this for some time now figuring out how to make the best bell boot possible. They are a little bit pricey on the account of the process, but If you’re tired of the Chinese made ones that rub, flop up and down, gather sand in and out, curl up in the back, interfere, and can’t really use in the mud give these a try. We give a 6 month warranty on the bell. Made to last for years barring using them as turn out boots with a little care, maintenance, these bells are the best.